I was in this AM and made a Manly order of a dozen cupcakes for my visit with the grandchildren today. Needless to say, Grandpa was a bigger hero today than normal in their eyes….you have gained a weekly customer. And as for my opinion….”Damn, that’s a good cupcake”, was what everyone heard…I’m not shy with my thoughts, lol. Thanks for such a great experience…better than GameStop. ~ Bill Shanklin

“I wanted to simply say how much my family, friends and I enjoy Cupcake Craving!  It is awesome that you have so many varieties of cupcakes: regular, gourmet, sugar free, gluten free….  and the quality is maintained throughout your various cupcake types.  Flavor nor texture is compromised.  Outstanding!  Thank you for doing what you do!” ~ Donna Marie

My favorite place to get sweets!!! Customer service was great!!
Specifically Cassie, she balanced myself and several other customers well and was quick about getting everyone rang up while still holding conversations with the waiting customers.
As long as she’s working, I’ll keep coming back!!!!” ~ Bengal Rhyner

“They were able to replicate a cupcake design I found on the internet for my wedding. Arrived on time and set up everything. My only regret is that I was so busy that day that I didn’t even get to eat a cupcake myself. I’m sure it tasted great.” ~ Google Reviews